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What Pennsylvania Seniors Need to Know About the PACE Program



The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is home to one of the largest senior populations in the country. As a result, the political leadership in Pennsylvania has long been concerned about the high price of prescription drugs.


That is why the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania created the Pharmaceutical Assistance Contract for the Elderly, popularity known as the PACE Program. This program is designed to make prescription medication more affordable for eligible low-income seniors living in Pennsylvania.


There are actually two parts of the PACE Program, the traditional PACE coverage and the enhanced PACENET program for seniors with higher but still limited incomes. Both of these state-sponsored programs are funded from the proceeds of the Pennsylvania lottery. Those same lottery funds are also used to fund a number of other programs benefitting Pennsylvania seniors. Those senior-friendly programs include shared-ride transportation programs and fee and reduced-fare rides on public transportation.


Since the PACE and PACENET programs are designed to provide Pennsylvania seniors with help paying for prescriptions, the program has established income guidelines for applicants. Applicants who are within these income limits and at least 65 years of age are encouraged to apply for coverage under PACE or PACENET.



PACE Income Limits

Single Applicants         $14,500

Married Applicants       $17,700


Seniors who are eligible for coverage under the PACE Program pay a maximum copay of $6 for generic medications and $9 for brand-name medications.


PACENET Income Limits

Single Applicants         $33,500

Married Applicants       $41,500



Since the PACENET part of the program is designed for seniors with higher incomes, it requires eligible members to pay a slightly higher copayment. The maximum copayment for generic medications is $8 and $15 for brand-name medications.


In order to be eligible for PACE coverage, the applicant must be 65 years of older and a resident of Pennsylvania. The PACE and PACENET applications include detailed instructions and a list of acceptable documents for proof of age, income and residency. The PACE and PACENET programs utilize a number of income-matching programs to confirm continuing eligibility for enrolled seniors.


Unlike some other state-funded programs, the PACE and PACENET programs do not impose any asset limits. Seniors qualify as long as they fall within the income, age and residency guidelines of the program.


The PACE Program is designed to work and complement a number of different medical programs, including Veterans Administration benefits, Medicare Part D, employer and retiree plans.


Pennsylvania residents who want to receive more information about the PACE Program and its eligibility guidelines can reach us at (888) 620-8988 or click the free quote button below.



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