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Is a Blue Journey Medicare Advantage Plan right for you?





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For a free quote or to request a Blue Journey Medicare Kit you may call (888) 620-8988 or click the button below.

How does a Medicare Advantage plan work?

Also known as Medicare Part C, Medicare Advantage plans offered through private insurers provide members with Medicare Part A and Part B coverage, plus extra benefits that Original Medicare does not offer.

Medicare Advantage added benefits.

While plans vary, some additional benefits of Medicare Advantage plans include:

  • Dental coverage

  • Vision coverage

  • Hearing coverage

  • Fitness club membership

  • Over the Counter Allowance

  • Flexible Spending Account


Plans that include Part D prescription drug coverage.

  • ​Value PPO

  • Select PPO

  • Enhanced PPO

  • Blue Journey Classic

  • Blue Journey Prime

  • Blue Journey Essential

  • Blue Journey Value HMO

  • Blue Journey Premier HMO

A well chosen Medicare Advantage plan can come with all the coverage you get with Traditional Medicare Parts A, B and D. The additional coverage beyond what is offered by the other parts of Medicare can be very helpful.




Call today for a free, no obligation enrollment kit. Your packet will include information about our plan benefits, a list of the prescription drugs we cover, and more.

(888) 620-8988

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